Laurent Muller

Two points create a line, and every line tells a story. The story of Laurent Muller began in Provence, the last of five children in an artisan family of Irish and German descent. Surrounded by craftsmanship – his mother a baker, his grandfather a fabric weaver – he developed a passion for design and an understanding that art could give a voice to the disenfranchised, free the enslaved and remember the forgotten. ( source )

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Blainey North – Australian style!

Few weeks ago one of my clients introduced to me Blainey North. I quickly searched over the internet for her website and I found actually something that I wasn’t expecting. It was love from the first sight. I am usually not amazed by furniture, as most of them are frequently copied or simply it is the same all over the world. But, I guess I haven’t been to Australia, where Blainey is from. I hope I will visit her country this year!